The Model of Real Estate
for The Global Citizen

Built on Solana

We’ve decided to build on one of the fastest and low transaction cost blockchains in order to offer users the most seamless experience.

Instant Land Transfers

Our perpetual leases are embedded into our NFTs allowing for instant tradability and access.

HOA Portal

The HOA Portal will be a native system that allows individuals to complete KYC, activate leases, pay bills, and connect with other NFT owners.

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Blue Terra NFT Collection

Blue Terra is the world’s first NFT tied to plots of physical land. We aim to be the first IRL DAO backed by real world assets. Grow, explore and develop on land that will forever be your own.

The Utility

Ownership of a Blue Terra NFT entitles you to: The right to visit, sublease and build on your plot of land.

The Mechanics

Each Blue Terra NFT will be tied to 1500-2000 square feet of land in The Bahamas with terrain that varies from grassland to beachfront.

Mobile DeRE

The Bazaar Marketplace

Imagine that you’re on Instagram and someone you follow posts a photo of their trip in Brazil and you think to yourself, “I wonder what the floor price of land looks like in Brazil right now”, You open the Bazaar app you see a piece of property at floor, you press buy, and in the time that it takes to buy a Degen Ape you’ve just bought and own a physical property in Brazil.

The Terra Bazaar makes this all possible. The Bazaar will be the first mobile land marketplace in existence and make land as an asset class liquid.


The Blue Terra Token

An SPL Token that will integrate with our native marketplace and provide holders with a host of benefits such as; use in transactions, transaction earnings, discounted prices, and profit sharing.

Our Partners

We are constantly creating new partnerships, check out our Twitter to see them in real time.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive. If you do not see an answer that you're looking for here we suggest checking out our "Whitepaper" or Discord.

What will buying this NFT give me?

A Blue Terra NFT will entitle you to ownership of approximately 1500 – 2000 square feet of land in The Bahamas - this land will be yours to do as you please. This ownership will be backed by a generic perpetual lease linked in the NFT’s metadata.

To legally activate the lease, you will need to, upon purchase, complete KYC verification and sign the Blue Terra Claim Land Solana program. The program will be accessible through the HOA portal.

Are there conditions on the land purchase? What are the risks?

All Blue Terra NFTs must be sold on mint day for the largest land purchase to occur. To expand on this further, our budget allocation requires a sale of at least 10% of our NFTs to buy a scaled property. The higher the percentage sold, the larger the property we can buy to accommodate the population.

We have scouted a surveyed a range of different properties at various price points. Blue Terra will not, at the time of mint, own any land. If we are unable to meet our minimum quota of NFT sales on mint day, we cannot guarantee the land purchase and will refund all bids made.

What information is required during the KYC process?

Signing a Blue Terra lease constitutes the signing of a legal contract for a perpetual lease. Therefore the information we require is similar to what you'd expect when signing a lease in most developed countries. Because you are owning real land as a foreigner, our requirements are stringent and non-negotiable.

More information about the specifics of KYC, data retention and security can be found in our Gitbook.

Is this legally possible?

Yes. Blue Terra operates within existing Bahamian property law to ensure that the perpetual leases backing your NFT land ownership are adamantine.

As the Bahamas positions itself to become a key player in crypto by virtue of their progressive and friendly regulations; we seek to be good faith players and have a positive impact on the long-term development of this burgeoning local industry.

What’s on the land?

Almost nothing. We will clear the land in stages to let you build whatever you want on top of it, be it a house, cottage, hut, bar, restaurant, or even a tent & hammock. Builds must comply with Bahamian structural code.

Construction must be conducted with a valid building permit issued by the local government.

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